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About us

Art of Africa is made up of a variety of artists and outdoor enthusiasts who wish to explore and represent the visual and spiritual land that is Southern Africa. Creativity is intrinsic in African culture, and we believe that one can capture the essence of their journey and the wild African spirit, through art.

Art of Africa was founded by Kim Sparrow, a Zimbabwean who wishes to expose and promote the incredible and varied artistic talent that the region has to offer. Local artists are employed to conduct workshops and excursions to guide you into achieving your truest artistic potential. Art of Africa continuously searches for and welcomes new artists and skills – which seem to be a never ending pool of inspirational resources.  

The company furthers its aim of artistic exposure by taking art into the surrounding communities, spreading opportunities for creative outlet, as well as empowerment and skill development.

Book with us 

Book with Art of Africa to explore your artistic side in style; to discover your hidden artist, improve your creative skills, explore your love of colour and texture, or simply to capture a memory.

Embarking on a journey with Art of Africa is allowing oneself to explore and experience Zimbabwe in an entirely unique way. Unrivaled in nature, Art of Africa provides an intimate and personal relationship with one’s surroundings, as well as local people and lifestyle.


Victoria Falls is a renowned travel destination, famous for its adventure and adrenalin activities within and around the mighty Zambezi. Art of Africa aims to enrich these experiences by offering a creative and poignant way to engage with your environment, enabling you to observe, depict and express your own personal experience of your holiday. Catching moments and memories through oils, pastels or sketches, you will be able to take a piece of Africa home with you – in your own shade of expression.


Whether you are a beginner, amateur or experienced artist, Art of Africa will provide you with the means to convey your individual perception in inspirational and breathtaking environments. In small, personalized groups, along with a private tutor and exceptional service, we will ensure that your journey with us proves timeless.

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