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Embarking on a 3 hour journey, guests are encouraged to interact with their environment on a more personal level.
After a cultural tour of the village, led by chief Mpisi himself, a private tutor, one of the chief’s sons, will be ready to guide the art session.
Clients will enjoy a session set up overlooking the Bakota gorge, sketching and painting into sunset, cocktail in hand.
Lead into the evening by capturing shades of expression on canvas, private tutor leading the way and glass of wine in hand.
From workshops which teach specific skill sets, to theraputic and fun creative interaction - our Community Development Program shapes and holds our core values of art and expression.
Art of Africa tailor makes specialised art safaris which encompass the vast beauty of this area of the world. A high-end safari, guests will stay in some of the most incredible lodges and hotels these areas offer.
Guests will be taken through the park accompanied by a professional guide and artist, stopping where inspiration calls, and arriving at a riverside spot with set up easels and provided snacks. 
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