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Lin Barrie


Expressing her hopes, fears and love for special ecosystems, with her paintbrush, Lin Barrie believes that the essence of a landscape, person or animal can only truly be captured by direct observation. She immerses herself in her subjects, whether it is sketching rhinos drinking at a waterhole or watching African wild dogs and their pups, painting cultural dancers or sketching dhows on the Mozambique coast. The wheeling constellations and  moon phases of  the night skies, the oceans and mangroves of coastal regions, the droughts, veld fires and regenerating rains of Africa - all are inspiration to Lin in creating her works of art on canvas and hand made paper. 


Lin says, "Whether we are humans living in sprawling cities, or dung beetles rolling our food stores; whether we are monumental baobab trees thousands of years old or African wild dogs leading our pups through long grass, each of us has a vital role to play as strands in this greater web of life. Diversity, networking and linkages between people, plants and animals are insurance for the future of our earth."

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