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Unique Artistic Experiences

Specialist Outings & Safaris | Victoria Falls & Zambezi River

"Plein Air Oil Painting by Larry Norton"

Photo Credit Tami Walker 

Africa, in your own shade of expression. 

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An incredible, unique & interactive session with elephants available in Livingstone, Zambia or Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.


A 3-hour session lets you truly engage and connect with these magnificent animals. Easels are set up around the waterhole, or near the river awaiting the arrival of the herd, who descend to drink and cool themselves as you capture the moment.


Paint with Elephants

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Game drive through the park accompanied by a professional guide and artist, stopping wherever inspires calls before arriving at a beautiful riverside spot with set-up easels and snacks. 
Catch memories of Africa through oils, water-colours, beading or finger painting assisted by a skilled tutor.
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Art and Cultural Tour

On the outskirts of Victoria Falls, lies Mpisi’s Village, steeped in Ndebele culture. The traditional huts & communal living area reflect the rich cultural lifestyle of Africa. This interactive workshop ignites & fulfils cultural curiosity. After a tour of the village, led by chief Mpisi, a private tutor, one of the chief’s sons, guides the art session. Enjoy a traditional meal to conclude. This session will fill your visual diary with rich splashes of Zimbabwe.

Art of Africa enriches your African journey  by offering a creative and poignant way to observe and express your personal experience of your holiday. Local artists conduct workshops and excursions that guide you into achieving your truest artistic potential. Catching moments and memories through oils, pastels or sketches & take a piece of Africa home with you – in your own shade of expression.

Creativity is intrinsic in African culture; through art you can capture the essence of your journey and the wild African spirit.

Art Jamming


Lead into the evening by capturing your personal shades of expression on canvas, private tutor leading the way and glass of wine in hand.

Creative Cruise

3 hours

Armed with brush and paints, undertake a guided observation of the magnificent surroundings as you absorb and capture the ambience of the Zambezi. 

Painting The Falls

3 hours

Enjoy a guided art session set up under the eye of David Livingstone, watching over the mighty Victoria Falls.

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